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The Puy du Fou

The Domaine de l'Auzance campsite is only 1 hour from the incredible Puy du Fou park. So, if you've never been there or if you want to go back: this is the opportunity!
Voted the best park in the world*, Puy du Fou is an explosion of spectacular shows and adventures for the whole family.
In 2016, the journey through time continues with Le Dernier Panache, the greatest original creation in the history of Puy du Fou! This year is the best time to come and live your “Puy du Fou” experience! History is waiting for you!
* Thea Classic Award for the best park in the world in 2012 in Los Angeles and Applause Award for the best park in the world in 2014 in Orlando

Great Original Creation 2016: The Last Panache

Puy du Fou had never seen so big! In 2016, an incredible theater emerged from the ground to give birth to the new original creation of Puy du Fou: Le Dernier Panache !

Follow the glorious destiny of a French naval officer, hero of the American War of Independence, whose life will change in 1793 in a final fight for freedom! A breathless, epic and moving spectacle served by a staging unique in the world !


Already more than :

  • 11 million spectators,
  • 1,200 actors on a 23-hectare stage,
  • 24,000 suits,
  • 1h40 of great show
  • and many new features… the biggest night show in the world has become an unmissable legend.



In just a few years, Cinéscénie has entered a new dimension with many new features :

  • the new light staging
  • new 3D video projections and new sets
  • 10 new scenes in 6 years with new special effects

In 2016, the Cinéscénie will amaze you !


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