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The Island of Yeu and Noirmoutier

Yeu and Noirmoutier: 2 must-see islands in Vendée!

Surprising, beautiful and quite invigorating, they can each be the subject of a great day of vacation!


To get there :

  • Noirmoutier : allow 50 minutes (more info at the Noirmoutier Tourist Office)


  • Ile d'Yeu : count 1 hour crossing from Saint-Gilles-Croix de Vie with La Compagnie Vendéenne 0 825 139 085 (0.15€/min).

+ info at the Ile d’Yeu Tourist Office – 02 51 58 32 58


A stopover not to be missed as this island is so attractive !

  • Small coves sheltered from the winds and view, long sandy beaches, you are spoiled for choice!
  • Salt marshes cover a third of the island and can be visited in summer and early fall. They offer a unique, somewhat linear landscape.
  • If you want a more intimate encounter with the place, opt for a guided tour !

Noirmoutier is also ...

  • The Passage du Gois : an astonishing, incredible and unmissable site in Vendée! This 4.2 km long underwater route, which can be discovered at low tide, connects the mainland to the island of Noirmoutier. Nice site for shore fishing, for photo enthusiasts, … but pay close attention to the tide times! !


  • The Bonnotte of Noirmoutier ! It is a small round potato with firm and tender flesh that made Noirmoutier famous! It grows in soil enriched with seaweed and can only be picked by hand at the beginning of May... a delight!


  • Oysters, mussels and clams ! 95 hectares of oyster farms, 1,700 tonnes of oysters, 700 tonnes of mussels and 10 tonnes of clams: Noirmoutier is the 2nd largest shellfish farming center in the region! Want to taste? There is no shortage of oyster bars on the island !


The island of Yeu

This island has it all! Beaches, dunes, creeks, moorland and bocage, a wild coast…. Just under 10 km long and 4 km wide, don't be fooled by its size: there are many beautiful things to see here! Villages with painted shutters, the Old Castle perched on the rocks, the chapel of La Meule which proudly overlooks the ocean, lighthouses, churches and turrets, menhirs and dolmens, etc. On foot or by bike, take your time!

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